Vision & Mission

Yayasan MSU aspires to be a transformative foundation that engages the community through the promotion and charitable undertakings that help facilitate education, research and arrest social imbalance for a better future

To provide compelling transformative educational opportunities with an aim at elevating the economics and social wellbeing,

To ensure the talented but disadvantaged are not impeded from achieving their dreams on account of unfavourable socio-economic status, and to accord appropriate opportunities to actualise their true potentials,

To promote the spirit of tolerance and respect for all through activities that it organises,

To inculcate the culture of endowment through its engagements with relevant stakeholders (MSU’s students, staff, industry partners and authorities) with an aim at arousing compassion and understanding for the creation of a better future.

In its efforts towards lives transformation, Yayasan MSU is committed to the following endeavours:
  1. Scholarships Award – be it at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels, assistance is provided to those within the economically disadvantaged group AND/OR those with commendable academic achievements OR to current staff of MSU or MSU Colleges,
  2. Research Grant Awards – providing support to MSU’s researches of which their outcomes could help spur social and economic transformation of an affected community’s well-being,
  3. Recognitions – for selfless display of dedication and leadership in education and social development OR for achievements demonstrated through entrepreneurial capabilities,
  4. Financial or Material support – to the financially challenged OR to disaster stricken community OR to those seeking treatment for life threatening diseases OR sport,
  5. Orphans and Orphanages – contribution in cash or in kind to this group to help them align with main-stream developments,
  6. Environment – to initiatives or efforts that are geared towards environmental sustainability that could further enhance the creation of a better eco-system.