A generous MoM for Ramadan

The Meals on Me (MoM) project initiated in the early days of MCO was extended as Malaysians experienced further phases of lockdown. The campaign that began March 2020 intensified throughout Ramadan, with meals distributed to students and basic essentials handed over to B40 families in Shah Alam and Klang.

Benefiting from the aid were over five-hundred international and domestic students who had chosen to stay put within the MSU campus and the surrounding apartments in Shah Alam. The MoM project also distributed free food to medical and health-care workers in the front-line of the fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Carrying on from March 24th to end May, the MoM project saw over twenty-six thousand meals distributed and nearly three-hundred thousand Ringgit received as contributions from members of staff as well as alumni, industries, parents, and the local community. The project was a joint effort by YM, Student & Career Development (SCD), Business & Entrepreneurial Development (BED), and Media & Strategic Communication (MSC).