Yayasan MSU Scholar Reaching The Stars

Hanen Dammak Choura, from Tunisia, currently works at the Higher Institute of Applied Studies in Humanities, University of Tunis. She completed her Masters on English language, civilization and literature, with orientations to linguistics focusing on teaching skills and practices. Hanen’s PhD at MSU involves research into linguistics, English for Specific Purposes, and TESL, with a focus on the effect of exams evaluation on teachers in the teaching context. "Diversity is the most important ingredient for creative thinking. You cannot have critical thinking if you see things from only one angle. One way to improve your creativity is to study abroad and this is why I chose MSU. Being among different people and nationalities widens your perspective. My intercultural experiences on campus at MSU have influenced my choice of research area. I am eager to work across the various cultures and build my interpersonal skills, leadership ability and professionalism”- said Hanen. YM wishes Hanen a transformative journey !