Message From Founder Trustee & Chairman Of Yayasan MSU (YM)

As a Founder Trustee to Yayasan MSU, I am driven by a strong ethos on giving and being grateful. Life sometimes does not come with a level playing field. Many a times opportunities available to fulfil one’s dream are missed due to factors beyond our control. What if we are able recreate these opportunities and provide them to those most needed, this would further open more doors to a better future.

This is what Yayasan MSU represents – providing opportunities for life’s transformation so that the marginalised could participate in mainstream development, inequalities are bridged and a better social order can be established. As a charitable arm of the Management & Science University (MSU) and much of what YM does is a reflection of MSU’s aspiration of transforming lives and enriching the future of all that it engages.

YM is committed to facilitate developments affecting education, research, awards of recognitions, financial support, orphans and environment sustainability. These commitments towards social and community upliftment goes beyond the areas of endeavours mentioned. It is the foundation pledge that its transformation agenda is to seek a better future for all.

Indeed, YM’s effort at providing opportunities is a daunting task and there will be stones left unturned, but it is my belief that our commitment at helping others will spur the spirit of sharing and giving and through this, which is the objectives of all charitable efforts, it will help nurture the culture of endowment among us. After all, what is life if our commitments were not for the higher purpose.

Prof Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab. Yajid
Founder Trustee / Chairman
Yayasan MSU